Concepts of Sales

By: Alireza Azizi


Concepts of Sales



Who sells? The salesman sells. Many people in society look at a salesman as a non-desirable job and see him an ordinary person. But undoubtedly they are wrong because not sale is something cheap and not a salesman an ordinary person. If I take into consideration entire Tehran salesmen only 10% of them have art for sale and this percent take 80% of sales profits and the remaining 90% are awarded only 20% of their sales profits. It’s more interesting that among this 10% salesman only 2% earn 80% profit. Now do you think sale is something cheap and salesman is a person without any kind of expertise!

Art of Sale

I know the art of sales more valuable than any other arts because few people in world have the original art of sales. If a salesman wants to achieve that 2% of those famous salesmen, the five capabilities are needed:

  1. The firstfactoristhe most important indicatorof salesman that depends on thecharacterandtalent ofthe individual. In simple words art of sales must be flowed in the blood stream.
  2. InteresttoSales is the second factor of successful salesman. Surelyifsomeonedoes not loveitsworkcannotbe successfulinit.
  3. Identifyingcustomers through their behavior at thetime of purchase anddividetheminto several groupsof ethics that in case of having the above two factors thiscapabilitycan be learned.
  4. The power ofempathy, in other words, putting your mind instead of customer and identifying customer taste. Toperformthisoperation,the sellermustbementallyrelaxed and has an expressive and beautiful
  5. Notconvincedof thebenefits, that means there’s alwaysmoreprofitablethanSalesto

Now, in your opinion how valuable is art of sales and how hard is being sales.

Many organizations put the sales next to marketing or combine them together. This wrong thought has always challenged the sales and marketing process. Various companies and organizations wishing to provide a definition of marketing based on field style. Some companies still misdiagnosis marketing with Sales. Some of them even consider marketing as a subset of the Sales. Others consider sales as a subset of marketing (which this case is more accurate). A few people with more reality know the marketing and sales as separate management principals.

General definition and Sales history

In practice, exchange of any valuable thing such as goods, stocks, cash, services, or information conclusively and permanently or temporarily In lieu anything of value such as goods, securities, cash, services or information again conclusively and permanently or temporarily called Sales.

This definition is almost equivalent to marketing and has fundamentally different nature with what is defined as sales in most civil law countries (such as Iran) and also In Islamic Jurisprudence. According to the rules sales only occurs at the time of permanent transfer of the property to someone and something is paid for that.

While in our definition, teacher who is looking for a student for tutoring, agency who finds a customer for a stock in bourse hall, when in a money exchange cash will be exchanged for cash, when a bank makes loans to its customers, when a patient visits a doctor, When someone rents a car or the apartment is rented, everything is considered to be Sales.

What is the purpose of Sales? What are salesmen benefits from the Sales?

The ultimate goal of salesmen is commercial competition that means “The process of debate and hegemony among any of the salesmen In order to achieve a specific business goal like attracts more customers for their products and profits and more market share. In economic science, there is no doubt in benefits of competition in business if the market environment is free of any discrimination and unlawful barriers. Accordingly, the salesman will be the winner of the competition that is more efficient and competent. Such a salesman will be more successful in attracting customers and selling products and others who cannot compete with him had to leave the market and this is the just laws of nature. In summary, due to salesmen and thus the competition rules to regulate the market, salesmen shall have the sole aim of increasing efficiency which automatically leads to the enhancement of consumer welfare.

The above study shows that the Sales in today’s world are very different from the past and sales management job is specialized and requires professionals and understanding that the salesmanship has a lot of importance in the community is still difficult for many individuals and organizations. But in general salesman can change customer needs and their purchasing taste. Even his art could cause cost fluctuations. Sales are the final part of comprehensive market plan. But after-sales marketing programs focuses on consumption analysis and support. But in terms of financing and attain profitable Sales is the last step that proper implementation is more important.