Concepts of Management


By: Alireza Azizi


Concepts of Management-demokala


What is management?

Management is the effective and efficient deployment process of human and material resources in the planning, organizing, mobilization of resources and facilities that take place in order to achieve organizational goals and accepted value system.

Definition of Management

So far, numerous definitions are presented for management. Some of the definitions provided, as follows:

  • The art of get things donethrough others
  • The process through that decision-making takes place
  • Perform the functionsof planning, organizing, leading, coordinatingandcontrolling
  • Scienceandart ofcoordinatingefforts andthe effortsof theorganizationanduseofresourcesto achieveorganizational goals
  • Playingtherole ofa leader, source of information, decision-makingandInterfaceformembers

Management of functional vision includes tasks such as planning, decision making, organizing, innovation, coordination, communication, leadership, motivation and control. Although these definitions of management face with a bit of deficiencies or excesses are expressed In the terms of tasks, but it seems smoother than the definitions that seek to enclose a special feature of their management or add any philosophical value to the concept. However, multiple definitions of management according to its functions have differences from researchers such as Fayvl or by Gulick that simply cannot be crossed. It is clear that management science is still unable to manage its own definition. The following definition includes key concepts in its management:

  • Managementis a process.
  • The latent concept of management is leadinghumanorganization.
  • Effective management makes good decisions and archives desired results.
  • Wise allocation and consumption is called efficient management.
  • Managementfocusesontargeted activities.

What are five main tasks to manage the organization?


Planning is the necessary bridge between the present and the future. In fact, it is cornerstone of the process of developing effective strategies and forms the management foundation. Other duties of director such as organizing depend on good and proper planning. The specific tasks performed in this area include: Predictions, setting long-term goals, developing strategies, setting policies and taking into consideration the short-term goals.


Organizing encompasses all the activities that management performs and leads to power relations. In fact, they achieve a kind of harmony through the setting of tasks and relations between situations and organizational powers to. Mentioned functions include organization planning, determining the conditions of job promotion, job description, characteristics of the job, field supervision, coordinating, planning and job analyzing.

Creating Incentives

It is a process to influence people, so that they achieve certain goals. The purpose of creating incentives is things to do in shaping human behavior. Specific actions are done in this area include: leadership, communication, formation of working groups, adjustments in behavior, job satisfaction and restructuring.

Human Resource

Activities that takes place in human resources field rotates around HRM. The work that is done in This area include Determination of wages and salaries, employee benefits, interviewing, selecting, hiring, firing, training for staff, personnel security, law enforcement, labor union relations, career path development, disciplinary policies. Taken attempts at implementing the strategies play an important role in human resources.

Applying Control

Purpose of controlling refers to activities conducting that manager performs to ensure that actual results will be consistent with the planned results. The work are done in This area, include: quality control, finance control, sales management, inventory control, cost control, deviation analysis, individuals rewarding and encourage.

Management in organization to achieve goals must be fully implemented those mentioned tasks. Today, organizations need to strategic management to make managers able to implement and manage the development, implementation and strategy evaluation. To understand more about modern management and strategic management in all organizations there is a need for further research and study.