Concepts of Advertising


By: Alireza Azizi


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Definitely you are aware of the meaning of advertising; thereby I will start with an example that you learn more and more deeply about concept of advertising. If I imagine any business as a tree that sales are its branches, and marketing is the tree trunk, roots certainly form advertising. In other words, smart and powerful advertising accompanied by more sales or strong roots of a powerful tree trunk accompanied by more leaves as well.

What advertisement do you consider as a successful ad?

I think depends on whether it is done by writing, on TV or billboards. But in general and my opinion any ad that is placed in the context of culture and value systems of consumers, leading to laugh, cry or shock the audience is a successful ad.

Approach and concept of advertising

Advertising itself is never a comprehensive strategic plan but it is one part of a business plan that is designed and carried out according to marketing plan, field research and market analysis. Advertising is a way to bring the voice of organization, brand or product to consumer. So advertising is a collection of tools and ideas for talking to the customer.

Advertising tools are immense and diverse. From a newspaper ad up to the billboard, and TV teaser are called advertising tools. Sometimes people also can be used as an advertising tool. There is no limitation on the means and methods of Advertising. But for accurate use and acceptable performance planning of advertising is needed. Advertising professional must be used for the design and implement a program. We don’t have the necessary expertise and skills in sociology and generation of ideas.

However, to better understand the concept of advertising and specialized understanding of advertising, we describe eight titles to insert advertising. Actually these are eight ways of advertisement insertion. Here, we explain three of them.

Direct Title

Direct title without the word, hidden meanings, ambiguity and pun directly raises offer for sale. For example, ((carpets with 25% discount)). This notice invites customers to buy it directly. And many people will be redirected to your store.

Indirect Title

This title works indirectly and by creating sentences that lead the customer to think. This causes curiosity and the reader finds the answers within your advertising text. Consider an ad for the industrial mixer, it says” ten million to one, we can mix it”. Initially, these will amaze you, but after reading you will find that “ten million to one” refers to the power of mixer that is able to mix two fluids together with ten times difference in concentration. This title has a double meaning, and you’re forced to read the text.

How Title

This title is magical. Undoubtedly, the success of this title is a little more than others. How titles offer comprehensive and accurate promises, proper guidance and solutions to your problems. “How can I turn a simple party into a banquet?”, “How can I write faster and better?”, “How can you quit smoking for thirty days…or else you get your money back”.

Other topics include imperative title, certified title, justification title, fed title, Interrogative title that each one has a general method and formulation to insertion of any advertisement.

Advertising strategy can be designed and implemented in three ways:

  1. Strategy of pressure
  2. Strategy of tension
  3. The combination of pressure and tension strategies

These methods are general techniques and can show different meaning and figures in different situations but the structure doesn’t change.

Advertising in general has four-task in a strategic marketing plan. They include Emotions stimulation, buyer guidance, product introduction and mental portraying of the company.

No ads without planning can earn more than its cost

Concepts of Advertising